World Environment Day: the textile industry and environmental sustainability

June 5 is the World Environment Day since 1972; an opportunity to invite not only governments and institutions, but also every person, to become aware of the problem and then take action to protect the environment, protecting ecosystems and biodiversity.
A theme, slogan and host Country are chosen for each edition. Pakistan will officially open the United Nations Decade for the Restoration of the Ecosystem, with the global mission to revitalize billions of hectares of land, from forests to agricultural land, from the top of the mountains to the depths of the sea, with the slogan “Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.”

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During these 50 years, what in the seventies we called “ecology” and today “sustainability” has gained ground and has grown, because it is a real problem. We all know that it cannot be reduced to a pure virtuous behaviour “green” trend, and in the same way we know that it cannot remain just a topic of discussion. Sustainability sould become a civil responsibility, until it turns into a firm implementing commitment, so that a company shall consider and shall bear the implications that have an impact on the territory, the environment, and the society where this company operates.


ETV technology for sustainable solutions

Even our 50 years of work history in the textile industry, brought us to know the different production changes with machines more and more performing and with increasingly exasperated processes but often without much respect for the environment.
However, in the last few years we have seen that many textile companies are reorganizing themselves to obtain more green materials and activate eco-sustainable processes with advanced solutions. We are aware of the adjustment difficulties and the required efforts to reach these improvements, and we are at the forefront together with most of the Italian industry seeking concrete solutions for a sustainable technology.


Our commitment has always been addressed towards the design and production of technological solutions that guarantee energy-efficient processes: less CO2 emissions, less energy and water consumption and all with a guarantee of quality and efficiency.
Our applications allow a continuous monitoring of the residual moisture and temperature of the fabric and allow to act in real time on the machine to reduce the consumption automatically and significantly. Moreover, by collecting and sharing the production data on the network, it is possible to have a prompt analysis of the efficiency curves of the manufacturing plants.


This is why sustainability becomes a fundamental factor to remain on the market. It is not a question of image, but a requirement for the survival of industry in the contemporary scene.
That’s why all the projects that we are carrying out in the last few years are lead in the search for sustainable solutions able to provide a renewed push towards the growth.


It is time to act

We like to close this article with the statement of Iván Duque Márquez, former president of Colombia, which closed the 2020 edition of Word Environment Day: “the time to act is now if we want to assure our present and our future.”
We are on board. What about you?