The customization of textile processes: our strength


The attention to the customers’ needs is a key factor around which we have committed ourselves since long time. Now more than ever, during these difficult times, companies need more and more specific and quality solutions.

What and how can we customize in a textile machine?

To implement the customizations based on the client’s needs, means for us first to listen to the customer, and then to propose the best solution. But above all it means to propose solutions “within a reasonable timeframe”, that does not slow down the production, and that minimizes the waiting time for the adjustment. The entire last generation of the ETV products has been designed precisely to be integrated to any machine or system to facilitate a significant reduction of the production costs in a short period of time, although the “lost time” during the installation and adjustment period.

Save time and money with process controls

In this article we have used expressions like “since long time”, “within a reasonable timeframe” and “lost time” and also our faforite expression “in real time”, to talk about the process controls, that are our core-business: this last expression fully describes us. Indeed we can assert that precisely the “time” is the important and crucial factor to verify our promises.


All the devices from ETV are not only programmable, but they are also able to adjust themselves to any kind of production, for a continuos measure with perfect “timing” of the key parameters of the textile process, such as residual moisture and fabric temperature, in order to allow a continuous monitoring of the production, and to have an automatic intervention “in real time”.
Also the fact that they are all technologically advanced machines, connected to the company network for the rapid transmission of the collected production data to the management systems, to allow to draw up a careful and constant analisys of the same, is a matter where the time works in our favour!


Which “customization” do we pledge?

If you are wondering what we do in order to create and then to offer an application, or an ad-hoc system, please bear in mind that for each specific need, first of all we need your cooperation.
In fact your initial information is the basis of our customized design.
We thus can promise you that, against a low investment, you will optimize the strategic points of the textile process, obtaining a significant cost reduction, and a higher quality of the processed product. These are the promises. These then become the advantages recognized by those customers whom we have supplied SFERA PLUS and HYGROFASTER-e. They could be the ones to tell you how they met us, how they felt the rush ahead of their business, and why they are now loyal customers.