Our Company unify a professional team who developped a work experience in some of the most important textile Companies all over the world.
We offer to our Customers consulting support for :

  • diagnosis of the processing cycle, to reduce fabric reprocessing
  • dyeing process for woven and knitting fabric
  • preparation of fabric to the finishing process
  • dry finishing process as raising-shearing-brushing-compacting-setting
  • choice and mounting of fillet wire on raising machines
  • granding, sharpening and calibration of shearing machine with fabric test
  • sotwaring for dyeing machines
  • dosing process for auxiliary products and dye stuff
  • fabric test on laboratoy to garantee quality and reproducibility

we have got also electronic and mechanical specialists for textile machineries check up



A correct relationship with customers is the key element of our success,persuaded as we are that understanding their needs leads to lower costs and better results.



We can design custom equipment intended to solve specific problems, carefully developing hardware and software internals in line with our usual high quality standards.



All devices and equipment are developed with painstaking accuracy and professionalism within our laboratories, led by highly skilled personnel.



Our products are always tested to ensure proper operation and keep the manufacturing process under control.



We area always ready to support our customers through our spare parts/technical assistance service, available via phone and email.