Field experience, a prerequisite to achieve maximum efficiency.

ETV has already deployed a number of installations in the paper and textile industry; indeed, our highly advanced technology and our extensive amount of field experience enabled us to gain international recognition.
Our close cooperation with most textile machinery manufacturers and our worldwide collaborative manufacturing partnership approach played a major role in allowing us to build on almost five decades of experience.
Today, we are a cutting-edge manufacturer of industrial equipment designed to address and solve any production issue affecting the textile and paper industry.

Our history—still constantly evolving

Elettronica Tessile Varese srl was established in 1968 by two electrical engineering technicians who had gained substantial experience in applications for the textile industry.
During the 70s and 80s our business thrived, taking advantage of our strategically valuable location—close to Como, just north of the Milan hinterland and not far from Biella, all world- renowned textile manufacturing areas.
2002 stands for a turning point in our history: first, a generational handover took place; second, we moved to the current HQ in Induno Olona.
Under a new name, “ETV Elettronica Tessile Varese srl“, our company kept making a name for itself as an industrial partner of excellence and began to expand into international markets.
The changes to our corporate image mirrors ETV’s still evolving history. Un nuevo logotipo, un nuevo sitio web, A new logotype, a new website, a new forward momentum to keep growing.

The goal we pursue

Our foremost goal is to ensure the highest level of customers satisfaction are maintained.
What the industry mostly wants includes: better and even, repeatable quality results; energy saving; no need for reprocessing; and a higher output.
ETV is very well aware of these demands and equally determined to provide efficient and effective solutions.

ETV means increased production

ETV represents the guarantee of having an experienced, innovative and efficient partner. The right research to use the best combination of productive factors is necessary to determine the most economical, and at the same time, the most profitable solution for the company. With the installation of an ETV system it you can increase the quantity of the worked product your output while abating production costs.

ETV means great savings

The systems designed and built by ETV ensure a significant reduction in production costs allowing its customers to be competitive on the market.
Our devices will enable you to maximize the production of high quality items, product, eliminating reprocessing stages almost completely and optimizing the operation of the machine on which they are installed, therefore they will also lead to much lower energy consumption rates.

ETV means better and constant quality

Constantly monitoring residual moisture, fabric temperature and absolute air humi dity during all processing steps, means better fabric or yarn quality and guarantees repeteability.

ETV means Technology and Innovation

Those who chose the technology of ETV, choose an innovative system able to collect the manufacturing data in real time.
Thanks to the integration and to the on-line connection, all data can be transferred to the operational systems to be always available to any company that cares about optimize its production process.