After ITMA Report


After an intensive work for the preparations, could we ever arrive to Barcelona with no energy?
To design a booth in Italy and then to build it in Spain, invest in new products, including the graphic, close the project of the new company profile in a coordinated manner to the exhibition space, definitely it has been an extremely challenging task that lasted for at least half a year.

Arrived at the ITMA exhibition conscious of our commitment, we were ready to meet its visitors in order to get a feedback, and therefore we were full of positive energy.

Positive energy


The days of the exhibition have really been hectic: we all were always busy to reply to the questions of the crowd. Every day in fact, we were encountering a very great interest for the dedicated corners inside our booth: the Sfera Plus corner, the Residual Moisture corner, and a double-sided totem for the device Hygrofaster-e.

In the well separated zones, we indeed tried to highlight the advantages of our instruments, and to put in evidence the novelty and the improvements made on each product.

Every evening we were closing the day verifying how many people had shown the need to measure the values of residual moisture and of the fabric temperature during the different production process: all this was confirming that our ad hoc solutions were really an answer for anyone.

Attraction of the event


The portable residual moisture measuring device Hygrofaster-e was definitely a great success. Everyone – including the merely curious – would stop asking what it was.

Continuing on to innovate

We are now back to work and fulfil what was collected: together with our net of international agents, our objective is to consolidate the relationships, and to propose us as serious partners in Italy and in the rest of the world: we are sure of the reliability of our sensors, and this allows us to realize the correct application for each kind of requirement. Continuing to innovate, of course.