Absolute humidity, and residual moisture

The humidity indicates the water percentage present inside a mass of air, and it is indicated by different parameters:

  • The absolute humidity is the ratio between a mass of water, and the volume where this is contained.
  • The relative humidity is a percentage that indicates the quantity of water present in a mass of air with respect to the maximum quantity held in that volume, and this without changing the values of the pressure and of the temperature.
  • The specific humidity indicates the ratio between the moist air mass, and the dry air mass within a certain volume.

ETV has an interest in the residual moisture

The residual moisture value, in technology, indicates the percentage of residual moisture after a drying process of a specific material.

In order to obtain a specific value of the residual moisture, appropriate tools need to be used, taking into consideration that each material, needs a “dedicated measurer”.

Please forgive us the pull, but our production is really “dedicated” to all those Companies of the textile machinery field, that are sensitive to update the production processes in their factory.

What is important to know about the residual moisture?

Our experience suggests that it is a priority to precisely measure the moisture values, that are still present in the textile fibre before using it in the forthcoming processes.

It is important to ensure the appropriate calibration of the installation to provide a high quality outcome, that aims to have less and less margin of error.

The measuring of the absolute humidity in the working environments cannot either be sidelined.

The pearl of ETV production

Together with Airmatic, Hygromatic Plus, Rocmatic, and Topsmatic, the control system Sfera Plus represents “the perfection” during the drying processes.

Focused on stentrers and dryers, Sfera Plus is a control system that we like to present as “our pearl”, as its name brings to the sphericity of a pearl, and because it is as perfect as only a pearl can be. Don’t feel misled by the “perfection” to which we refer: it is true that Sfera Plus is a sophisticated product, but for its installation only a couple of days will be needed, and after that, no more than a small routine maintenance is needed. All this with benefits, that will payback the investment in a very short time.

ETV in a nutshell

In conclusion, we cannot stop to repeat these key concepts, thanks to our practical experience for over 50 years.

The production of electronic systems able to solve the different issues related to the textile industry is our specialisation. The control of a fundamental process to assure a perfect synergy with the other production sites is our mission.