A pattern of international relations, thanks to ACIMIT

Since we joined the trade association identified with the acronym ACIMIT, Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, we often attend to meetings taking place by the ACIMIT headquarters in Milan, where we meet foreign players coming from all over the world, and looking for partners and suppliers.

International meetings

These meetings, that are true incomings, introduce us to foreign textile companies, and allow us to get in touch with new potential clients, agents or partners.

As associates we have therefore the chance to present our products, and to engage the initial business contacts in front of a selected audience.

These are initiatives which we assiduously endorse, as they lead us to believe in a market growth, and they comply with our efforts for a continuous updating.

During the meetings, we give a video presentation of our product range, we declare our services, and in the case of a mutual interest we have the possibility to have a second B2B session.


A natural consequence is the necessity, and therefore the chance to visit the home country of our new interlocutors, in order to take more specific and targeted commercial negotiations.
To confirm that, the incomings of Argentina and Brazil, in which we recently attended, have been determinant for the decision to be present at the fairs and to make focused visits to some companies of Latin America. These visits also helped us to consolidate the relationships with the already operating agents, and to meet new ones.


Energies to achieve an objective


We certainly spent a lot of energy, but we are happy with it, and we feel favourably on our way to an interesting objective.
A year from now, in view of ITMA, we wish to get to June 2019 in Barcelona,with an active, recognized and consolidated presence in many countries out of Europe.
This global tension, that started a decade ago, is a boost enabling us to constantly grow up both economically and professionally.
As it is well known, each country is a small world, with traditions, habits, and different ways of living and working; but we can only grow by coming into contact with many small worlds.
We are sure, as we are already experiencing it, that learn to approach different markets will lead us to face up to the future challenges with greater maturity and consciousness.