The surprises of April


Same as in other European Countries, in Italy the month of April begins with the tradition of April Fool’s Day. This joke dates back to the end of 1500, when the calendar was switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, and consequently the beginning of the new year that was celebrated between March 25 and the 1st of April, was moved back to January 1.

People who were slow to get this news, or that failed to recognize it, became the butt of jokes and hoaxes of the 1st di April. The victims of these jokes were caught like fishes biting a hook, and that’s the origin of the French expression Poisson d’Avril, same as the Italian Pesce d’aprile, while in Germany the April fool’s day is simply called Aprilscherz, that means Joke of April.

April, the month that opens up to novelties

This year the month of April doesn’t start for us with a joke, but on the contrary it is a breakthrough month. A month that opens up to novelties, same as teaches the etymology of April, from the Latin aperire, that means to open.


Our April 2019 opened itself up to a major renewal effort, that started some months ago, but that is materializing right now, in order to arrive to Barcelona, during ITMA 2019, with many product novelties, and with a spring restyling of our communication.

It’s not a joke

We already notified it at the end of last year; among the objectives to go on and better ourselves, there were exactly these items: new products, new services, new graphics. We are achieving them. It is not a joke!

We are investing in research and development, as we want to bring to ITMA 2019 more efficient, more practical, and with superior characteristics products.

We keep giving priority to the precision in measurement detection, but it is for us essential that these detections are made in short time, are shared online, and that allow the Customer an even more efficient control. That’s why we are developing our products, so that they can respond to the increasing demands of our Customers, and to the issues during the various stages of production.




All this without disregarding the aesthetic appearance, thanks also to the prompt exchange of material, ideas, and suggestions with our communication agency. We will for example introduce new photo shoots, new colours, new points of view … in other words, many surprises during Easter period.