After summer resumes not only the working like, but also any kind of sport activities. From pilates classes in the gym, to the Nordic-walking outdoor, a lot of people choose to dedicate their free time to practice sports – either DIY or organized – during the weekend or at the end of the day, but even early in the morning and at lunch time. It’s a real “Sport-mania” to stay fit, to low all tensions, to find a psycho-physical balance.

“Sport-mania” that becomes also “Sport-fashion”: more and more people are seeking and wearing technical sportswear with special characteristics such as breathability, lightness, and thermal adjustment capacity.

Because of this increasing market demand, the textile industry develops and realizes high-tech fabrics for sportswear, that are often utilized even for daily wear.

A good sportswear fabric

Depending on its end use, a good sportswear fabric should ensure:

• adequate muscular compression to enhance athletic performances
• excellent breathability
• resistance to pilling and abrasion
• perfect fit, and excellent comfort
• UV protection
• thermal protection
• water repellency
• high visibility

Other applications

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Not only clothes, but also furniture, sports equipment, products for construction, for the energy, and for automotive. Wherever there is the need of more resistant and ecological material, the technical fabrics can be employed with excellent results, and represent the future in textile.

A good technical fabric

Such production increase of this kind of materials was obviously generated by the proliferation of their application fields. This has been a significant opportunity for the textile industry: the consequence was the birth of start-ups and existing companies that changed part of their production from traditional to technical fabrics.

Same as for the other textile production chain, the use of our equipment would be a fundamental help also during the manufacturing of the technical fabrics, in order to have high quality and energy savings. For an accurate temperature and residual moisture control during the different phases of the textile process, we especially suggest our SFERA PLUS system. It won’t just be a good idea to obtain and to maintain over the time those characteristics that are essential for an excellent technical cloth, but it will be a reality.