March 2020: we will not forget it


In January we were writing: “… How not to hear the echo of an euphoria, the echo that comes from the term … the Roaring Twenties”. Rereading it now makes an effect, above all because 2020 has started with a rough, lasting and anything but euphoric roaring! We will remember for ever the word “Coronavirus”.

It was not just a flu

When we heard about the news coming from China, that for us is not only a Nation, but also a relevant market, we listened to them with concern (also because we have local partners that over the time have become our friends), but still as something far away from us. As days passed, the contagion came more and more closer, until it became reality for us too: finally, we realized that it was not just a little bit stronger flu.
The situation, that soon became dramatic, brought us to learn how to behave, and how to figure out what to do with the schools, with the companies, with the social and private life.

All necessary measures


That’s why ETV, in compliance of the rules of the various decrees that have followed one another, and also because of a responsible choice, immediately took all the necessary measures to safeguard the health of employees, customers, and anyone who could come into contact with our reality. Finally, when it became necessary, we stopped the production, and we enabled the assistance from remote, in order to stay always at complete service for every necessity from our Customers.



We will use this time also to program our future activities, either the ones linked to the production, and also the commercial ones, trying to recover part of the waisted time.
This is not a way of keeping us busy during this kind of “collective stillness”, but because we want to be prepared to make our contributions to the economy and to the society, when we will restart, hopefully in a decisive manner, after the severity of this unforgettable historical moment.

Always ready, always connected.


Using our solutions, to control in line and constantly the main parameters of the production process, once we will restart we want to be ready to give fast and efficient answers to satisfy the needs of the textile industry operators, in order to guarantee better and constant quality of the product, increase of production, and energy savings.
In-fact our renewed and technically advanced devices can communicate with the company network for a continuous monitoring of the process, even from remote, in order to transfer, save and analyse the production data.
Exactly like with the “smart-working”, the connection will be essential in each company.