Efficiency for the textile industry is our core value

We made ourselves a present for our 50th birthday: the makeover of the logo, and of our institutional image, something that we never updated, because of a sense of respect and loyalty to our origins.
The “historical” elements to which we felt emotionally tied – the triangle, the ellipse, and the light blue colour – are still present indeed, but they have been renewed.

loghi ETV

We are our know-how

The triangle structure means the electronic component, while the ellipse represents the quill shuttle, to emphasise our specific character in the textile sector. The light blue colour simulates a drop of water. While making the makeover, we have added to the acronym ETV – the initials of Elettronica Tessile Varese – a pay-off in English, with our same initials: Efficiency in Textiles is our Value. This to emphasize our core value: it represents our main target, and it holds the most important value of our know-how, and of all the history of our Company.


A look at the past

In 1968, in its start-up period, Elettronica Tessile Varese was strategically placed along the Olona river, in an area going from north of Varese up to the south east of the metropolitan area of Milan, where was concentrated a great deal of industrial activities, linked to the textile industry, and to the development of many other collateral working process, such as bleaching, embroidery, and printing, since the beginning of XX Century.

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http://www.varesenews.it/tag/ storia-industria-valle-olona/
http://www.ecomuseovalleolona.it/foto/ paesi/fagnano/index.html


The spinning “districts”


The province of Varese stood out for the cotton process, same as Biella stood out for the wool, or Como for the silk process. The large number of still visible enormous industrial buildings bear witness to that. Unfortunately many of them fell into ruin, while the ones that were restored for museological activities, like the Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, inside a decommissioned textile factory in Biella, can be visited.


The Museum of the textile of Busto Arsizio has a more traditional approach, and in its three floors building it allows to follow the different steps of the old methods of production, but looking towards the present times. The Hall New Fibres, opened in 2002, shows the chemical synthesis fibres, and the new high tech products, that have been specially developed for the sport, the medicine, the fashion, and for the aerospace sector.

https://www.comune.bustoarsizio.va.it/ index.php/visita-busto/museo-del-tessile


From the past to the present

It is in such kind of industrial reality that ETV began its activity 50 years ago, when the co-founders Giuseppe Sempio and Giovanni Riganti, in the original headquarters of Varese, developed the first imaginative measurement equipments for yarns and textile, to measure the residual moisture content and to determine the rate of recovery. All that with a kind of electronic, that today we would describe as really “primitive”. The wife of Giuseppe Sempio still recalls with pleasure and some yearning these first years, when her husband was locking himself in the lab for hours and hours to optimize the instruments, so that he could then test them in the field, directly by the customers, to finally confirm that his clever instruments could be put on the market.


ETV today

Today ETV, our ETV, is located in Induno Olona, and this is the best location to keep a connection to the history of the textile companies arisen along the Olona river.

Nowadays ETV is a company that still relates itself with its territory, but that has developed international relationships all around the world, with several productive realities dealing with the various stages of the textile production, from the raw material to the woven fabric and the garment.

Today ETV relies on a team of highly qualified technicians, who are experienced to provide technical support and solution to any kind of problem submitted by the customers of the textile sector, in a targeted and precise manner, thanks to the use of any upgrade of the modern electronics.