Denim all over

Fashionable and stylish clothes - a lot of different blue jeans closeup on wooden background

Blue ETV and Blue Denim. This commonality of Blue makes us particularly sensible to what happens in the most varied variations and use of the famous canvas from Genoa, which we talked exactly one year ago (see Blog ETV_October 2018).


Endless variations

A true timeless fabric, able to cross centuries, generations and seasons with unparalleled pride. Suffice it to say that denim, that in its early days was used as durable workwear canvas, nowadays is the fashion clothing with its rugged and battered good looks, with creases, holes and patches. Today it is worn all day long, from winter till summer. Complemented by fancy accessories, with multiple tones of blue, a denim clothing is literally worn from head to toe.


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The design and the pattern of the denim know no bounds of creativity and imagination. From the classic and ever green trouser, time by time the waist rises or lowers, and the bottom leg becomes wider or narrower, while an increasing number of manufacturers is becoming extremely sensible to the sustainability, and adopting more and more environmentally friendly dyeing methods.


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