domingo, 29 septiembre 2019

After summer resumes not only the working like, but also any kind of sport activities. From pilates classes in the gym, to the Nordic-walking outdoor, a lot of people choose to dedicate their free time to practice sports
After ITMA Report
miércoles, 31 julio 2019

After an intensive work for the preparations, could we ever arrive to Barcelona with no energy? To design a booth in Italy and then to build it in Spain, invest in new products, including the graphic, close the project of the new company profile in a coordinated manner to the exhibition space, definitely it has been an extremely challenging task that lasted for at least half a year.
A versatile measuring device and … really portable
viernes, 21 junio 2019

For a quick and precise measuring of the residual moisture on any kind of textile or nonwoven fiber, our reply our answer is the series HYGROFASTER. Included from years in our production, this equipment can combine the measurement accuracy with the practicability.
Wefts and threads
lunes, 27 mayo 2019

We happened to read an article titled “Trame e fili, Come parole nel tessuto del tempo” in the Italian edition of the online culture magazine Wall Street International. We would like to mention some interesting excerpts as we felt them to be culturally enriched—and also because the subject was quite close to our own business.
The surprises of April
martes, 30 abril 2019

Same as in other European Countries, in Italy the month of April begins with the tradition of April Fool’s Day. This joke dates back to the end of 1500, when the calendar was switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, and consequently the beginning of the new year that was celebrated between March 25 and the 1st of April, was moved back to January 1.
Let us focus on sustainability!
lunes, 25 marzo 2019

Try typing “green” into a search engine…ranking even better than “Green Book”, Peter Farrelly's Oscar-winning film, or the American basketball player Draymond Green, a well-known NBA star, you are quite likely to find such results as: “green - live each day in a sustainable manner.
When people say: to be really cut out for something!
miércoles, 27 febrero 2019

In ordinary talks we use several idiomatic expressions that come from a slang inspired by some objects, by some everyday situation, or by simple daily tasks, becoming over the years figures of speech.
Objectives set for 2018-2019
sábado, 12 enero 2019

We close the 2018 with 6 check marks: To be more social, Satisfy customers, Expanding the international market, Reorganize the production, Retrofit the Hygromatic-Plus, Revamp our offices.
Habit and change
viernes, 30 noviembre 2018

How many things are made into a habit! Because of the habit we often go on and make the same things, although we are aware of the fact that it could be possible to change, or eventhough if we would like to improve. What is that is stopping? The fear of change that freezes or postpones a decision. So we end up doing just as we always have done.
A blue fabric called Denim
viernes, 26 octubre 2018

250 million meters of fabric sold each year all over the world, distributed and made-up from the big retailers, but also greatly appreciated by the most prestigious fashion brands: this makes you wonder where is the real secret of the Denim and of the Blu Jeans.
Eager to get back to work…
viernes, 21 septiembre 2018

For many people the return from summer holidays is traumatic. Someone talks about “return fatigue”, while someone else even feels the need to get back just after one week of holiday. How is it possible??
From optional to standard: the most important is to measure
miércoles, 29 agosto 2018

Does the name Josip Belušić, in Italian Giuseppe Bellussich, mean anything to you? And if the second question was: what is the "velocimeter"? Definitely we should give you a suggestion, or let you the time to look on the internet to find out the Croatian family name Belušić, and discover that it is about the inventor of the tachometer.
Industry 4.0, two years later!
viernes, 20 julio 2018

It wasn’t even two years ago when in Italy that seemed more than a slogan, an expression… Today it has become the main target to achieve for the companies (mainly the international ones) willing to improve, and to remain competitive on the markets. Not a target far away, and out of reach, a dream , but a real and tangible necessity for those who want to grow and that are focused on the future.
The end of spring and autumn as we know them…
martes, 19 junio 2018

As summer is drawing in fast, weather forecasts connected with climate change are ballooning—some envisaging a catastrophe, others less pessimistic. “Up to now it's been raining day in, day out, so this summer is going to be scorching hot”.
A pattern of international relations, thanks to ACIMIT
miércoles, 30 mayo 2018

Since we joined the trade association identified with the acronym ACIMIT, Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, we often attend to meetings taking place by the ACIMIT headquarters in Milan, where we meet foreign players coming from all over the world, and looking for partners and suppliers.
What is the origin of the Italian idiom “dar del filo da torcere”?
jueves, 3 mayo 2018

During the daily discussions and the friendly talks it is often used the adage “to give a hard time”, and it is utilized when talking about something or someone that is difficult to deal with, or that is an obstacle to the achievement of a project, or even to put someone in an unpleasant situation.
Absolute humidity, and residual moisture
miércoles, 14 marzo 2018

The residual moisture value, in technology, indicates the percentage of residual moisture after a drying process of a specific material.
Colombiatex: open eyes on the textile world
jueves, 22 febrero 2018

Colombia is a wonderful land and the town of Medellin, that once upon a time was representing it for the production and commerce of coffee, nowadays is a relevant industrial center where the textile industry takes precedence over the others.
Follow us on Facebook
martes, 30 enero 2018

Dear friend if you haven’t yet visited our Facebook page opened in January, you can do it now directly from this site. Doing so, you will be able to share the contents and the events that are the basis of our work.
Efficiency for the textile industry is our core value
martes, 30 enero 2018

We made ourselves a present for our 50th birthday: the makeover of the logo, and of our institutional image, something that we never updated, because of a sense of respect and loyalty to our origins.