A versatile measuring device and … really portable


For a quick and precise measuring of the residual moisture on any kind of textile or nonwoven fiber, our reply our answer is the series HYGROFASTER. Included from years in our production, this portable equipment can combine the measurement accuracy with the practicability of a portable device; suffice it to say that it can be recharged with a common smartphone cable.
During these days, at ITMA 2019, we are presenting the new HYGROFASTER-e.

Convenient, practical and user-friendly

HYGROFASTER-e together with the set of probes all placed in a single and convenient small case, it is the portable instrument that any kind of textile company should have.

• Easy to carry
• Always ready-to-use
• Powered by rechargeable batteries via USB door like any smartphone
• With PC connection via USB
• With special software to transfer, storage, and printing of the collected data.


In other words, in any kind of situation where it is needed to measure the residual moisture: in the warehouse, during the production, during maintenance, or in the lab, HYGROFASTER-e is the ideal tool.

In the warehouse

We believe that no one is willing to buy kilograms of water together with kilograms of raw material, while at the same time it is desirable for everyone to sell goods free of moisture, in order to avoid claims from the customers. That is the reason to keep handy HYGROFASTER-e.

During the production

For a better production, we invite you to verify the residual moisture at the end of each process; from the drying of the cones at the end of each process, from the drying of the cones after dyeing, to the one of the yarns or of the fabrics at the exit of any dryer. With HYGROFASTER-e it will be also much easier to verify the drying uniformity over the full width of the fabrics or of the yarns.

During the maintenance

Other than checking it some measuring instruments on the machines are measuring correctly, you will be also able to verify the drying between center sides of the material into the dryers, and in case of need make adjustments, or make the necessary maintenances.

In the lab

Valid and fast alternative to the usual measuring instruments, that are often too slow to precisely test the lab samples, HYGROFASTER-e will allow you to memorize several data and then transfer them on the PC for future use or storage.

Considering the low cost of the investment, when compared with the several benefits of its use, we suggest to the visitors of ITMA in Barcelona to pass by our booth to take a closer look at it (Hall 1 Stand B109).