1920-2020, Roaring Twenties


How not to hear the echo of a euphoria at the beginning of January? The echo that comes from the term from which the Twenties of last century were called: The Roaring Twenties. It seems like a paradox if one considers the 9 million deaths, but at the end of the Great War the world entered the modern age to the rhythm of jazz and charleston.


50 nostalgic photos of what the world looked like in the 1920s

A new idea of modernity, of change, that brought into the life of the ordinary American, and by extension in Europe, goods like the cars, the movies, the radio, but also the gramophone and the phonograph, radically changing not only the organization of society and life, but also the very way of conceive them.


Evolution of Personal Transport 1920-2020 su https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0EWrPbpY8c

While the economic relations between the United States and Europe are being reversed, changes also the flow of cultural models: they don’t go anymore exclusively from a Europe whose universities, cultured salons and newspapers of culture develop cultural commodities towards a little rough but on a quest of knowledge America; but they begin to flow from the rich and dynamic United States of America to a Europe that is pretty tired and worn out by five years of war. (A. M. BANTI, Il senso del tempo, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 2008, p. 296)

Today just as it was 100 years ago

Europe looks overseas, the technological development envisages new scenarios, the new generations look towards the future. In this context ETV opens up to new markets, designing more advanced and connected equipment that automate the manufacturing process.