Colombiatex: open eyes on the textile world

Colombia is a wonderful land and the town of Medellin, that once upon a time was representing it for the production and commerce of coffee, nowadays is a relevant industrial center where the textile industry takes precedence over the others.


The annual event of the Medellin trade show is all a big deal

Colombiatex de las Americas is the reference fair for all the South-American Countries involved in the textile sector. Big Countries, with long distances and not well connected among them, finally have the chance to meet in one unique location: in the stunning landscape of Medellin, its visitors during three days can interface with most of the Latin-American world, and not just it.

From when we first work side by side with GH Textiles Representaciones, with whom we do business since 3 years, we attend to the fair of Medellin, aware of the fact that the Italian know-how has a lot to say in Colombia and in the entire South-America.


To deepen, focus on: South-America, a market to consider

Back in Colombia for the third time in succession

Attending to Colombiatex means three full immersion days to meet customers, to get new contacts, to forward economic proposals, and then, after the fair, to visit those Companies in that area to whom we had already supplied our control systems.


We bring with us at the fair our device Hygrofaster, with all its accessories: it is a portable instrument that enables us to give an immediate demonstration, even on the mini desk of the booth. But our showpiece is still our complete control system SFERA PLUS.

A query on the marketing sheet

The marketing sheet with which at the fair we present our control system for the textile industry, has this title “SFERA PLUS: productivity optimization of the stenter”. When we show it to the Customers, we make them a kind of query, a simple computing problem, but pretty persuasive.

The query goes like this.
A Company manufactures 500.000 meters of fabric per month. Then it installs the control system SFERA PLUS, and it can increase the production speed of 1 m/min, from 20 m/min to 21 m/min, getting a production increase of the 5%, that means 25.000 meters each month. If this is sold at a 2 euro per meter, how much will be the turnover increase of this Company per month?


The answer is simple.
The result is astonishing: 50.000 Euros per month, and at no extra cost.