When people say: to be really cut out for something!


In ordinary talks we use several idiomatic expressions that come from a slang inspired by some objects, by some everyday situation, or by simple daily tasks, becoming over the years figures of speech.

The entire word of trade provides a constant source of terminologies based on everyday reality, that qualify the subjects depending on their social or personal characteristics.
The phrase “to be cut out for something” borrowed from tailoring, has ancient origin, and it brings us to imagine when Adam and Eve made by themselves their first outfits with some leaves.


Sharpen your fabric scissors, Master Tailor!

It is not possible to identify the genius who first exclaimed “you are really cut out for this job”. The expression goes probably back to the Middle Age, when the most precious fabrics were exclusively cut and sewed by skilled master tailors. In the past a well-tailored dress made with rare and expensive clothes, was in fact underlining the effective economic capacity of its owner, and therefore his social status.

Particular of the Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi  by Agnolo Bronzino (around 1541) Uffizi Firenze.


Naturally suited for something

This interesting idiomatic phrase has changed its meaning over time. Nowadays “to be cut out for something” doesn’t mean anymore to be able to create a precious and well-tailored garnment, and neither to be the rich owner of such tailor-made dress, but it refers to someone who has natural qualities that stand him out favourably in life and professionally. For example, when talking about a great motorcycle racer, or a good singer, or a well-known lawyer, whose skills do not come only because of his efforts, but thanks to his innate characteristics, that made him a real number one! In other words, someone with the right qualities to become a leader: a winning personality, charisma, invention, and passion.


Our fabric scissors: our technical and human knowledge

Although we are not high-fashion tailors, anyway we work in the textiles industry, and recently our company has been described by our customers with this expression, of which we feel rightly proud: you are really cut out for this job! Meaning that they find in us the technical and human knowledge able to provide unique services and goods, and that with these competences we can satisfy the most various demands, even making tailor-made solutions.