Industry 4.0, two years later!


It wasn’t even two years ago when in Italy that seemed more than a slogan, an expression…
Today it has become the main target to achieve for the companies (mainly the international ones) willing to improve, and to remain competitive on the markets. Not a target far away, and out of reach, a dream , but a real and tangible necessity for those who want to grow and that are focused on the future.


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A forth Industrial Revolution

We do not want to go into the details of Industry 4.0. This has been already talked a lot about by many others; what we would like to pick up is a key concept in which we strongly believe: Industry 4.0 represents a process going towards an increasingly automated and interconnected industrial production, also in Italy, and it may be considered to all intents “the fourth industrial revolution”, from which it is inevitable to go through.


Customize in standard mode

We also wish to emphasize how important in this process will be the possibility to offer products and services always more tailor-made. In other words, to ensure that the customization will become a “standard” based on the customer’s specs, and – why not – within a reasonable period of time, for a production that could never afford to stay too long, pending an adaptation.



Being already in the program 4.0

ETV is here, as we want to be there above all to drive our customers all around the world to integrate Industry 4.0 in their production processes. First of all we have included procedures and equipment of Industry 4.0 in our productive process. Then we updated our products, and we are going on to make it. During this changeover stage, we realized how important is the need of adequate personnel for Industry 4.0. For example, only medium-sized and large companies could afford qualified personnel able to exploit the full potential of a system of Industry 4.0, these days. On the contrary, the majority of the small enterprises tried to do it through their own resources, but achieving lower benefit. cultura-digitale/ industria-4-0-firpo-mise-ecco-cosa-ci-aspetta-nel-2018/


There will always be a man-machine interaction

We could wait that the institutions, the politics, the school, the associations … batten down the hatches to train a new generation to deploy in a desired industry of “super machines” that will still need “trained people”. As an alternative, each one in its own small ways can start to solve this problem. We of ETV are giving our contribution manufacturing equipment and installing software in accordance with the criteria of Industry 4.0, but with a specific attention to the nominated personnel: extremely easy to install and to use. And how about if shortly we will hear also of Industry 5.0? You can count us in!