Habit and change

How many things are made into a habit! Because of the habit we often go on and make the same things, although we are aware of the fact that it could be possible to change, or eventhough if we would like to improve. What is that is stopping? The fear of change that freezes or postpones a decision. So we end up doing just as we always have done.
To get caught up in the excitement of those who suggests the change, of those ensuring that it is possible to improve, is a big deal.


To show that the change is possible

We in ETV know this very well, because we frequently find ourselves to move the doubters to release habits and fears, to make them understood, and to prove them that the change is possible.
There are many hurdles to overcome. First of all, it is always difficult to find enough time to make the proper evaluations, and this pushes us to postpone any decision on the matter. Moreover, there is the concern to be unable to follow the right path. Finally, there is the lingering doubts not to be able to tap the full potential of the change.
Before taking this step, our customers are asking us for examples, for experiences, and for convincing statistics. They start uncertain, then they accept to try, but gradually. Step by step they discover that everything was true, that the change was possible, and above all, that it was possible to improve.

Gradually, step by step

Step by step during the last year it happened often, particularly with a customer in Thailandia. This company makes different processing, among which dyeing ang finishing, and it produces fabrics for big underwear and sportswear brands. They immediately noticed the benefits after the installation of our sensors. Once verified the potentialities of our control systems, they made us further requests to go on and increase. Therefore, they have installed other sensors in other steps of their production, and nowadays they keep monitored the production data that they have been able to obtain thanks to our devices.


By getting over the habits, and by accepting the change, this Thai company has been able to make the leap in quality. Today it is more competitive on the market, as it has reached the objectives shared with ETV: more production, better and constant quality of the product, energy savings. But we believe that we will be able to obtain even more.